Pets are a huge part of our lives – in today’s society, pets are much part of the family and they deserve the same treatment and affection we give to our human relatives. This is why finding the best veterinary care at the most affordable prices is important for the well-being of your pets and also for your bank account!

There are many veterinary clinics you can turn to, especially in New Zealand, but there is one which sticks out for both quality of service and the professional way they handle their clients, and that is VetEnt.

Obviously, pets cannot talk so making a diagnosis is far more difficult than it is with humans, and this is why getting a veterinarian who can provide you with a full diagnosis and a responsive treatment program is so vital – a veterinarian who can listen to the owner is a successful one, as the owners tend to notice all of the problems.

Not just experts in dealing with pets, VetEnt also provide services to rural facilities like farms. Livestock are a huge part of the agricultural world and keeping them in the best shape possible is vital to any farmer, so finding a vet they can trust and work with regularly is a key part of running a successful farm – VetEnt provide an abundance of quality, local veterinarians who have been trained in New Zealand and hold the highest standard of qualifications attainable to them.

You wouldn’t trust your own health in the hands of somebody who has not widely accredited or somebody you could not connect with and feel like they genuinely do want to help. VetEnt have spent years ensuring they have the most passionate and caring staff possible, which is a big part of providing the best medical care. A confident doctor creates a more confident patient, and VetEnt ensure they will keep your pet in the safest hands possible.

With 19 veterinary surgeries nationwide, VetEnt stands for Veterinary Enterprises Group and a wider knowledge pool than any other firm in the country, you can be sure that the veterinarians here can provide your pet or animal with a sophisticated and actionable treatment plan which will have them running around in no time!

Another big part of the veterinary world is 24/7 support – if an animal is sick, it needs urgent treatment, and a closed veterinary is not going to be much good. Thankfully, VetEnt provide 24/7 support to anybody who needs their assistance, with a team of specialists for any type of job always on hand to save the day.

As well as various services to ensure all farm animals are at peak health and condition, there is a variety of helpful advice columns and information on their website, which can be located here. They provide authority and reason for all of their suggestions and assistance, and truly do provide the most professional veterinary assistance in the country.